Making your radio life a little clearer….

There’s no hiding from it – becoming a radio presenter is scary. The first time you get behind the mic is probably not the most relaxing moment of your life. Not only is there getting your mind round all the technical business, but then there’s the talking bit! In my first ever link I think I repeated my name twice, said “erm” twenty times, and my voice sounded like I’d swallowed a golf ball.

When you work in voluntary radio and don’t have the professional training, producing and presenting a show can feel like a big step into the unknown, which is why we’re here to help.

We will be bringing to you a series of guides to help you make even better shows – from ‘how to’s on planning and structuring your show, to how to connect with your audience. Think about it like a “radio presenting for dummies” manual.

Keep a watch on our forum page for our up-and-coming ‘how to’ topics and you can contribute your advice to the guide too. And don’t forget you can also contribute tips in other ways-   or see our contact page for more detials


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