News Roundup- 13th February

Community Radio News

Confusion over The Bay 102.8 re-brand

A statement by AFC Bournemouth has confirmed that Poole community radio station The Bay 102.8 will NOT be rebranded.

The football club had bought the station as an investment.  The original statement claimed that from tomorrow, February 14th, it would begin broadcasting as Play Radio.

This week, Bournemouth’s chairman Eddie Mitchell apologised for “misguidance caused”, and that the local community would continue to enjoy The Bay 102.8’s current programming.

Ex-BBC Producer heads up Sutton community radio

James Finlayson, a former producer for BBC radio and media teacher, has been appointed station manager at Sutton’s Takeover Radio 106.9.

He previously worked on stations including World Service, Radio 1 and Radio 2.

The station had been threatened with closure, but funding from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust in December last year has allowed it to remain open for 18 months.

Some of the proposals to get the station back on track include training programmes and a drive to include more young people on the air.

A re-launch is planned for later this year.

6 Music Presenter praises community radio talent

Presenter Jo Good thinks community radio is vital when finding new talent for the industry.

Acknowledging the difficulties for starters in the current economic climate, Good has started her own agency in Manchester, Triple A Media.

She hopes to represent big names as well as beginners.

Good said, “I believe this is where community radio platforms have a real opportunity to step up and become creative forces – and talent breeding grounds – to be reckoned with”.


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