News Roundup: 13th February

Hospital Radio News

Radio Enfield appeals for volunteers

Radio Enfield, the hospital radio station for Chase Farm, is seeking volunteers who could spend a couple of hours per week to speak to hospital patients and collect requests.

The station, which began in 1970, runs twenty four hours a day and is looking to fill its interactive request show, which is on air every evening.

Manager Andy Higgins said, “Request collectors really are key volunteers and their work is greatly appreciated by patients and staff at the hospital”.

Those interested can visit Radio Enfield’s website here.

Welsh teenager says BGM radio is not under threat

Liam Jones from Dafen volunteers at BGM radio at Prince Philip Hospital. He has praised its work in helping patients and as an opportunity to learn the skills required for the industry.

He said “People are glad to see us, especially when we are collecting requests. It takes their mind off being ill”.

Jones also confirmed the safety of the station, funded by charity, and said its success was down to fundraising activities and patient interaction.

Is your hospital radio station also bucking the trend? Or are you facing difficulties? Please let us know on our forum.

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