Community Radio: A soundboard for new music

Lindsay Smith
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Lindsay Smith is an unsigned solo artist from Derbyshire, and an English student from the University of Exeter. She told Community RA+Edio why community radio was such an important resource for music acts such as herself.


A promotion manager in Exmouth came across my facebook page and suggested it for the local radio show.”

Lindsay Smith live acoustic set in a local radio station
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Lindsay’s journey as an artist began in school. Since then she has been writing her own material and gigging in local pubs, clubs and bars. Nowadays she plays to audiences of a few hundred people. But she told us simply getting gigs and writing songs is only half the work: self-publicity and marketing is just as important.

There is no way that a national radio show would even listen to unsigned tracks.”

For unsigned artists like Lindsay, getting radio exposure on bigger stations is difficult yet the need to build a fan base is ever present and very important. When you’re a solo artist it’s even more difficult than being in a band she told us because all the responsibility for publicity comes down to that one person.

BBC introducing allows new artists from all over the country to upload their music for the possibility that they might get played on their local BBC introducing show. However the site to date has over 70,000 registered artists, and this week alone over 1,800 tracks have been uploaded, so the competition for airtime on professional radio is tough.

Lindsay Smith
Image used with permission from

Playing music by new artists can be a mutually beneficial relationship and it can impact further than you would think. It can be a way in which community radio can really come into its own and do what it says on the tin though exposing talent within its community.

“It’s something that they don’t have to do but makes a huge difference to local bands – if unsigned bands weren’t heard or discouraged the music scene would become very stagnant.”

If you feature local music and unsigned artists on your community radio show then we want to hear from you. Tell us why you think its important to promote local talent, or if you’ve played a part in launching someone to the “big-time”. Tweet us   or for other ways to get in touch, click here.

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