Hospital & Community Radio: Doing what the “big boys” can’t

Mandy Morrow
All images in this article used with permission of Mandy Morrow

Last week we featured an article about Lindsay Smith, a new unsigned artist whose music career was being helped by community radio. We decided to get the story from the other side of the mic, as we talked to Mandy Morrow about why she believes in playing under-the-radar music as a hospital radio presenter.

“Every single week for four years.”: That’s what Mandy told us when the Community RA+Edio put the question out there on our twitter: “do you play new unsigned artists on your radio show?”

Mandy presents ‘Brunchtime Breakfast’ every Friday morning on Radio Wey which broadcasts from Weybridge hospital.

Here is why Mandy decided to start playing new artists in the first place:

As we heard from Lindsay Smith in our previous article, getting exposure to a mainstream audience is a challenge for up-and-coming artists.  This is where the relationship between the artist and non-professional radio is most crucial. It is a relationship Mandy believes has a future.  While some of the “big boys” of radio do offer some specific shows for under-the radar-talent, their main focus is on commercial music.

Mandy sees hospital radio as bridging that gap by offering artists that first step up.

As a good broadcaster knows, it’s as much about your listener as it is about you the presenter, or even the artists you play. But Mandy’s audience seem to be enjoying her choices:

And keep an eye (or ear) out for a further interview Community RA+Edio did with Mandy on her recent nomination for a Hospital Radio Award, coming soon to the site.

If you have a story to tell about how you’ve helped someone’s music career through your hospital or community radio show, or if you’re a musician who has really felt the benefits of stations like these then let the Community RA+Edio team know. Comment below or see our contact page for ways to get in touch.


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