News Roundup- 8th March

Hospital Radio News

Radio 590 Peterborough have taken a theatrical leap.

Patients of Peterbrough City Hospital have been treated to a live performance of Oscar Wilde’s comedy play The Importance of Being Earnest.

The Peterborough Mask Theatre group were on air for two hours to entertain, using household items to create realistic sound effects such as cat litter and sugar cubes. Radio 590 estimate that hundreds of patients tuned in to hear the broadcast. Carolyn English, one of the actors, said “I know if I was lying in bed in hospital that The Importance of Being Earnest is the sort of thing I would want to listen to”.

“It added some magic to the radio schedule”.

Image with permission – Actors from the Peterborough Mask Theatre group peforming at Peterborough City Hospital.

Halton Hospital Radio is seeking new chatty volunteers.

The station, at Halton General Hospital, needs people who are willing to speak to patients in the wards, and find out about their musical tastes.

They currently have a team of only seven volunteers, and are looking for those who can spend a few hours a week making patients’ times more comfortable.

One volunteer, Derek Gates, explained why it was a rewarding experience. “Through music and conversation during ward rounds, I help people to feel a little better… its always rewarding to meet new people”.

Anyone interested can email or visit the website.

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