How to….. Structure A Radio Show

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Why is it so important to structure your show?

The key is direction. You have to know where you’re show is going to avoid aimlessly wandering around your content. It will make your show sound more coherent and your programme element flow smoothly.

A programme that flows keeps the listener involved remember they need to know where the show is going just as much as you.

Having a structure will also help you maintain balance – you won’t devote too much time to a certain feature if you know you have another two to get in before the next news bulletin.

Jingleman got in touch with us on our forum and told us why he thought it was so important to know where you’re going while you’re presenting:

“whilst I’m blabbering on about the weather and how much I enjoyed my tea etc – my show retains some direction and the features and other things I wanted in it don’t get forgotten.”

This is how Jingleman plans his show and how he incorporates music into his planning:

“So my playlist has headings – Artist / Title / Info / Next. In the “info” column I may have the year or chart position or the LP that the track is from just as a reminder. In the “Next” column it will simply remind me in one or two words of which jingle I’m going to use, or of a feature that I’m doing (movie reviews for instance) or of info that I want to give out (how to get a request, what the web address is etc). “

If you are keen to get a lot of information about the songs you play on your show, Jingleman also recommends (or Wikipedia!)

To read his comments in full click here

And don’t forget to  for tips for those of you new to hospital and community radio.


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