News Roundup- 15th March

Hospital Radio News

The Hospital Broadcasting Association are launching Hospital Broadcasting Week 2012, which will celebrate the good work of Hospital Radio volunteers across the UK.

It will be launched on Saturday March 31st as part of the HBA Conference Weekend in Northampton and it’ll run for nine days, taking in the Easter Weekend, so the “week” won’t officially end until Easter Monday, April the 9th.

Ridgeway Radio in Dorchester could lose it’s popular radio station as funding for the service could be at risk.

The hospital’s League of Friends say that since hospital managers decided to close their café and make it a commercial venture run by catering staff, they are unable to guarantee funding for Ridgeway Radio.

Hospital Radio chairman Andy Worth admitted that the friends café closure could affect the radio service. “We need between £500 and £1,000 a year to meet our expenses and the friends have said that with their loss of income they are unsure how they might be able to help fund our service, as they have done in the past.”


Watford Hospital Radio has been awarded a £3,700 grant to build a new studio.

Watford Hospital Radio, which broadcasts music based on requests and dedications to patients in Watford General Hospital, has received the money from Hertfordshire County Council.

The new studio will allow volunteers can provide additional programmes, including plays recorded at local theatres, as well as training for new and existing presenters.


Northumberland Hospital Radio will continue to broadcast loud and clear thanks to a £500 donation.

The radio station is run as a charity by volunteers based at Wansbeck General Hospital, but also broadcasts to hospitals in Morpeth, Hexham and Blyth, providing a service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Heating oil supplier F Peart and Co has given the funds to the radio to update essential studio equipment.

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