Sony Radio Academy Awards 2012- Announcement

With the IRN News Award winners announced today, Radio award season is in full swing.

Now, THIS FRIDAY, it’s time for one of the most esteemed events in the radio calendar- the Sony Radio Academy Awards. They’re open to any station with an OFCOM licence, including all Community, Hospital and Student radio stations. We’re excited to see some of the hard work of volunteers around the UK being rewarded.

We’re especially look forward to the Station of the Year (300,000 and under) category, which stations like KCC Live were nominated for in 2011.

We are going to be LIVE BLOGGING AND TWEETING as the nominations are revealed on Friday from 1:30pm.

You can sign up for a reminder and catch all the excitement on our new live blog here!

And make sure you 


Are you hoping for a nomination? What will it mean for you? If you’re a community, hospital or even student radio station excited about Friday’s announcements—get in touch with us we’d love to hear from you! Tweet us, comment on this post, or email us.


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