News Roundup- 10th April

Community Radio News

Eleven brand new full-time community radio licenses have been awarded by Ofcom.

The new services, each with a five year license, are in south west England and Wales. Congratulations to all, we look forward to hearing them live soon!

And watch this space – Community RA+Edio are digging a bit deeper into this story as we ask exactly what it takes to get a station from idea to the airwaves, and we talk to some of the stations listed above about how they made a successful license application. (UPDATE: Click here for the article)

Are you a volunteer at one of these stations? We’d love to hear from on twitter. 

Oxford’s OX105.4FM celebrates its first month of broadcasting.

The station launched in February, providing the latest music, news and conversation about the Oxford area to a younger audience.

The studio was built by volunteers after a pilot in 2006.

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from the public and they’ve been really positive. There’s definitely a place for here”, said Chairman Geno Humphrey.

Rock and Metal proves a big hit for a North Tyneside Community station. 

Y Radio has been pulling in rock and mental fans from the area with its flagship show, ‘The Graveyard Shift’, presented by Wayne Madden.

Thanks to appearances from big names such as Creed’s Brian Marshall, the show has been a huge success for the station, based at the local YMCA.

They are hoping it signals a trend in listeners choosing their local personal stations over national ones.

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