News Roundup- 17th April

Community Radio News

The Welsh Government has invested £100,000 into local radio stations across Wales to help them continue to play a valuable role in their communities.

Eight community radio stations were chosen for their commitment to the communities they serve. They were assessed in a number of areas, including; promoting training and social enterprise for excluded and vulnerable people, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and strengthening cultural and linguistic identity.

The eight radio stations that were awarded grants are:

* GTFM in Pontypridd will receive £16,000
* BRFM in Blaenau Gwent will receive £16,500
* Tudno FM in Llandudno will receive £13,400
* Point FM in Rhyl will receive £10,000
* Calon FM in Wrexham will receive £18,000
* Radio Cardiff will receive £5,500
* Tircoed will receive £5,500
* Bro Radio in the Vale of Glamorgan will receive £15,000.

If you are a resident of Crow Country, Envision Radio is offering you the chance to become a broadcaster! 

The community radio station is expanding it’s service to Royston and looking for local people to get involved.

Envision’s founder and director, Fonz Chamberlain, said “We have already started trying to reach out to people, we have visited some of the villages meeting people and making them aware of things we would like to do and things we have done in the past.

Envision hope to set up a satellite office in Royston to help get young people involved with radio. For more information on Envision log on to their website.

Academy FM in Thanet has celebrated its second birthday this week.

During a special Thursday morning show, the entire team of Academy FM piled into the studio to mark the event by cracking open a bottle of champagne.

Academy FM founder and station manager Pete Willson said “It has been a really emotional day for me, as I have started two radio stations in Thanet, the first being Thanet Community Radio. It has been a lot of work but we are still here.”

For more information on Academy FM go to and tune in at 107.8FM or online.

Lincoln City Radio is to begin broadcasting a weekly Polish language programme.

The community radio station based in Lincoln is launching the first hour-long feature at 6pm on Sunday on its 103.6 FM frequency.

The project is led by Malcolm Thompson, director of programmes and the aim is to inform Polish nationals about current affairs at home and in the Lincoln area.

TWO community radio presenters will broadcast non-stop for more than four days in an attempt to break the record for the longest show.

Vixen 101 radio presenters Dave Henderson and Paul Atkinson had originally planned to stay on air for 80 hours, until they heard a claim by Insanity Radio in Egham, Surrey, that they had managed 100 hours. Now Dave and Paul have set themselves the challenge of staying on air for 101 hours and eight minutes.

Within the rules of the Guinness World Record, the presenters can have five minutes rest for every hour they complete. These can be added up and used for longer, less frequent breaks.

The marathon show will start at 10am on Thursday, April 26. The station can be heard across the Western Wolds on 101.8FM and online around the world.

Diversity FM has sadly had to stop broadcasting.

The community radio station for Lancaster and Morecambe has failed in its bid to find ongoing funding. Station controllers had warned that it would close at the end of March should it not get the £6k it needed every month to stay on air.

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