The Blues Session: A specialist programme on hospital radio

Most music radio is usually regulated by chart music on playlists but Martin Clarke, a hospital radio volunteer on Radio Wey, is doing things a little differently.

The outside of Radio Wey at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey
Original Community RA+Edio image

He has been broadcasting The Blues Session every Friday night for the past three years. It is a programme solely dedicated to blues music and Martin fills his programme with live music from guest musicians.

Last year, The Blues Session was shortlisted for the British Blues Award and in 2010 the programme won gold in the best specialist programme category at the HBA awards.

Martin clearly has a passion for bringing specialist music to hospital radio, so we went to visit one Friday night to see how specialist programmes can have a place on hospital radio. Martin was joined on Friday 23rd March by The Liam Tarpey Band.

Martin’s programme is on Radio Wey every Friday from 9-11pm and you can listen here¬†or have take a look at The Blues Session website.

For more information on The Liam Tarpey Band, click here or .

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