News Roundup- 28th April

Community Radio News

Radio station in breach of its license

Rossendale Radio stopped broadcasting last month and now Ofcom has ruled that it failed to meet the requirements of its license.

The Ofcom bulletin said “Community radio licences are granted for a five-year period, and broadcasting a service, as well as providing other outputs such as opportunities for volunteers, is required throughout the period.” It was these requirements that the station was in breach of.

The station was also not financially viable- the statement on their website highlighted 18 months of financial difficulty.

At the moment there are plans to try and revive the station but they will have to wait until Spring 2013 to place a bid with Ofcom for a new license.

Scottish Parliament see the value of community radio

In a debate in Scottish Parliament MSP Christine Grahame said that community stations provided 2,500 volunteering opportunities in Scotland.

She was putting forward a motion that the Scottish government should work constructively with stations because of the excellent work it does in developing skills, training, and education.

Fiona Hyslop who is the Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs said that having the debate has given some direction to how Scottish Parliament can support community radio stations. She also commented on the cross party commitment to the sector, alluding to a positive future for community radio in Scotland.

Bishop FM caught by Ofcom for swearing on-air

The station in south-west Durham received a complaint from a listener about a broadcast on February the 27th where the “f word” was used twice in a show called “Anything Goes”.

The presenters did apologize after the second instance but Ofcom decided that the broadcast had breached rule 2.3 of the regulators broadcasting code which states that material which causes offence must be justified by the context.

Bishop FM have told Ofom that they are putting in steps to improve compliance and Ofcom have said they are not expecting further incidents like this from the station in the future.

Vixen 101 attempt 101 hours.

Paul Atkinson and Dave Henderson from the station in Market Weighton were aiming to do a 101 hour and 8 minute broadcast to mimic the station’s frequency.

They managed to complete 55 hours which broke their previous record attempt from last May by 1 hour because of “total exhaustion”.

The attempt started on Friday the 26th of April at 10 am and if completed, would have finished on Monday the 30th of April at 3.08pm.

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