“I’m not sure that anybody has the right to broadcast” – Interview with Janey Gordon, Community Radio Academic

Janey Gordon is a leading academic in community radio. She is the author of several books about community media used in Universities across the country, and a Principle Lecturer in Media at the University of Bedfordshire.

Image with permission of Janey Gordon, Radio LaB

On top of that, Janey is project co-ordinator for Radio LaB, a relatively new community radio station based within the University. We asked her how the station got started, and what they were doing differently…

Presenters in the Radio LaB Studios- Original Community RA+Edio image

Funding is without a doubt one of the biggest concerns for community radio stations, something this site has been taking a close look at. Janey told us what she thought about  the controversies surrounding funding for these projects…

Janey’s recent research has involved comparing community radio in the UK to countries around the world, and particularly Australia, where it has been particularly successful.

So how do stations in the UK differ?

Janey Gordon and Volunteers at Radio LaB, image used with permission of Janey Gordon

We want to hear your reaction to Janey’s thoughts. Get in touch…


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