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An English graduate from Exeter University. Currently studying for an MA in Broadcast Journalism at City Univsersity. 3 years experience on student radio station, Xpressionfm.

Community Radio- A Space For Experimentation

Community Radio- A Space For Experimentation

An hour on the station each day that was completely zany and in essence out of tune with the listenership”

Radio J com in Leeds is home to ‘The Surreal Hour’, hosted by Ed Moss who has over 30 years of radio experience.

Over the years, Ed has presented many a rock show on various stations and has a self proclaimed

Ed Moss
Image used with permission from Ed Moss

music taste that consists of “the unusual and incomprehensible”.

Unlike professional radio hospital, community, and student radio stations can often be a place for experimentation- where you can take the time to test ideas out and take a risk on programming that is outlandish.  Ed Moss’ ‘Surreal Hour’ is a fantastic example of this.

We asked him to tell us a little bit about his history, about his programme, and to show us exactly what makes it ‘surreal’. Continue reading


Getting the Green Light- A Look at Getting a Community Radio Licence

Original Community RA+Edio image

Ofcom has just announced that it is going to grant 4 new licences to stations in Devon and Cornwall. CHBN will cater for the Truro audience, Penwith Radio for the Penzance community, Redruth Radio for Redruth and the surrounding villages, and Totnes FM will service Totnes.  (For more information about these stations see the Ofcom news realease).

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An Interview with Award-Winning Producer, Ian Pinnell

“There is a lot more to hospital radio other than just pressing play on music and talking through the microphone”

Ian Pinnell is a regular face to be found at Radio Cherwell in Churchill Hospital in Oxford. Programmes Controller, presenter, and most importantly a producer- Ian put together the stations entry for HBA station of the year 2012 and it won the bronze award! And on top of all this, Ian runs his own production and radio imaging company!

With all Ian’s wealth of experience as a producer, we at Community RA+Edio thought we might ask him a few questions about what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at Hospital Radio and about all the work that goes on whilst the mic faders are down. Continue reading

News Roundup- 28th April


Hospital Radio News

Birmingham Hospital Radio has its own diamond jubilee

It has been broadcasting across major hospitals in the city for 60 years now.

They are celebrating with an anniversary ball on May the 19th where past and present members and presenters will be gathering.

The station are also in the difficult process of moving studios- they are about to sign a lease to take over an old Operating Theatre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

To find out more about their 60th celebrations go to their website

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News Roundup- 28th April


Community Radio News

Radio station in breach of its license

Rossendale Radio stopped broadcasting last month and now Ofcom has ruled that it failed to meet the requirements of its license.

The Ofcom bulletin said “Community radio licences are granted for a five-year period, and broadcasting a service, as well as providing other outputs such as opportunities for volunteers, is required throughout the period.” It was these requirements that the station was in breach of.

The station was also not financially viable- the statement on their website highlighted 18 months of financial difficulty.

At the moment there are plans to try and revive the station but they will have to wait until Spring 2013 to place a bid with Ofcom for a new license. Continue reading

Guest Post: James Hoggarth

James Hoggarth
Image used with the permission of James Hoggarth

James Hoggarth presents on BBC Radio Humberside every weekday evening and not only that, he’s Head of Music there too. But to climb the professional radio ladder, James started out on Kingstown Radio which broadcasts across hospitals in Hull. So we asked James how hospital radio helped him get where is he today……

” When I joined Kingstown Radio in Hull in 1996 it was with the intention of using it as a stepping stone towards a professional career (ideally with the BBC). Continue reading

How to… Get Comfortable with the Microphone

It’s you, four walls, a lot of equipment, and a microphone. Push that fader up and that’s your channel open to your listeners, (and possibly the rest of the world!)

In real life you might be the chattiest person all your friends know, but speaking on the radio is a very different matter. And you might be the best at making speeches to crowds of people, but when you’re in a radio studio it can feel like you’re just talking to the walls, even though ironically the real situation is very much the opposite. Continue reading

Community Radio in the Red

Community Radios are getting poorer as Ofcom report a 19% drop in their average incomes.

The latest statistics come from the broadcasting regulator’s latest annual report on the community radio sector.

Ofcom’s report for the previous year (2009/10) showed a 6% drop in average incomes, so these recent statistics show a significant drop in the financial health the of community radio sector. Continue reading

The Hospital Radio Awards 2012….. 24 hours on

This time yesterday on the 31st of March 2012, in a hotel in Northampton, the winners of the Hospital Broadcasting Association Awards 2012 were announced.

From the people or programmes shortlisted in each of the 8 categories, a bronze, silver and gold winner was announced as well the special John Whitney Award and the HBA Volunteer of the Year. Community RA+Edio was keeping a keen eye on the proceedings and talking to some of the evenings attendees so we thought we’d let you know some of our top feedback so far from the evening. Continue reading

News Roundup – 25th March


Community Radio News

The Voice are attempting their own digital switchover.

The station in North Devon hopes to launch full time on DAB on April the 12th but is also waiting to find out if it’ll be granted a full time FM licence.

If all goes to plan for the station’s digital launch, most of North Devon will be able to tune in.

They are conducting some research into digital listening habits as part of the process though a survey on their website.

Is your station attempting a digital platform switch? If so, the Community RA+Edio team want to hear about it. Continue reading