News Roundup- 28th January


Radio News

The Guardian has begun a campaign to have more women broadcasting on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Guardian columnist, Kira Cochrane’s research highlighted a notable lack of female contributors on some of the leading programmes. For example, 72% of Question Time contributors are men and 84% of ¬†reporters and guests on BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme are male with only one female presenter Sarah Montague.

Ed Vaizey, the Culture Minister, has asked for a meeting with BBC director general, Mark Thompson, to discuss the issue and Conservative MP Nadine Dorries called a debate in the House of Commons, in which she accused the BBC of having a “culture of sexism”.

We at Community RA+Edio would like to know whether this problem can only be found at a professional level or whether there is a gender imbalance among community and hospital radio stations. Do you receive the same number of applications from men and women? Can this problem be seen amongst voluntary radio as well as national programmes? Let us know via our Contact Us page.