Radio Maelor: The Changing Face of Hospital Radio

Radio Maelor in Wrexham has been broadcasting to the patients of Maelor Hospital since 1979 when it was started by the Hospital’s League of Friends. Yet, despite thirty-three years of broadcasting, the station has had a bit of an image change in the last twelve months. Radio Maelor is the latest station to be featured in The Changing Face of Hospital Radio section of Community RA+Edio.

Catherine Ollier, Wednesday night presenter, 8pm, Join Our Club
All images in the article used with the permission of Catherine Ollier

Catherine Ollier has been working at Radio Maelor since she was 19 years old and presents the Join Our Club programme. In 2010 she was awarded a certificate from the Hospital Broadcasting Association for fifteen years of service to the station. She told Community RA+Edio about how the station has been changing its image.

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Radio Allerton: The Changing Face of Hospital Radio

Radio Allerton in Leeds is this week’s hospital radio station to be profiled in The Changing Face of Hospital Radio section on Community RA+Edio.

The station began broadcasting at 10am on Saturday 11th March 1978 and has been serving the patients of Chapel Allerton Hospital ever since.However, it has not always been smooth over the past thirty-four years.

Radio Allerton’s Chairman, Francis Klonowski told Community RA+Edio about the station’s broadcasting journey. 

Francis Klonowski, Radio Allerton Chairman.
All images in this article used with the permission of Francis Klonowski

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Radio West Fife: The Changing Face of Hospital Radio

Image used with permission of David Fortune

We’re continuing our series of articles in The Changing Face of Hospital Radio this week by spotlighting Radio West Fife in Dunfermline.

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HBSA Hospital Radio: The Changing Face of Hospital Radio

HBSA Hospital Radio was nearly forced to close in 2009. The station had only three active members and the building in which the station was situated was needed by a different project.

However, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Mark Fisher, HBSA Hospital Radio is now back to broadcasting brilliance. The station is located in Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire, Scotland and now has 26 active members.

To hear more about HBSA’s journey from the brink of the closure, watch our audio slideshow.

All images in the slideshow were used with permission of Mark Fisher.

For more information about HBSA Hospital radio, check out their website, click onto their facebook page, or follow them on twitter @HBSARadio.

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The Changing Face of Hospital Radio

This section of the Community RA+Edio website was inspired by a comment made by Steve Barber, the Vice Chair at East Herts Hospital Radio.

As we were setting up this website, I contacted a number of hospital radio stations to introduce our service and to find out if there were any similar problems being faced by stations across the UK. From this research, it turned out that many hospital radio stations had been forced to close, or were facing challenges to continue broadcasting.

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