Meet The Team

We are the team behind the Community RA+Edio site!

Charli Burden

For the past five years I have been a radio volunteer. I worked at a hospital radio station in Surrey and a student station in Southampton. One of my best moments at Radio Wey was taking my first request on air. It was for ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Tuner for a patient on Elm ward. Other great moments were broadcasting live from a twister fairground ride and watching the fireworks at an outside broadcast in Surrey.




Lucy Clifford-Palmer Team Member

I have been a radio volunteer for four years, working at student and community stations in the Luton area and the South-West. 





Becca Attfield

After four years of doing voluntary radio in Exeter on my University station, it’s definitely time to start blogging about it. Doing student radio meant I did things I never expected to do, such as spend a minute clicking a pen into a microphone on a successful feature I liked to call, ‘Pen Idol’ , and presenting a show whilst having a plank of wood hovering over my head. I also did some sensible radio-based things too… I think!