How to… Get Comfortable with the Microphone

It’s you, four walls, a lot of equipment, and a microphone. Push that fader up and that’s your channel open to your listeners, (and possibly the rest of the world!)

In real life you might be the chattiest person all your friends know, but speaking on the radio is a very different matter. And you might be the best at making speeches to crowds of people, but when you’re in a radio studio it can feel like you’re just talking to the walls, even though ironically the real situation is very much the opposite. Continue reading

The History of Hospital Radio

Hospital radio has a history which is almost as long as broadcasting itself. In order to chart where the hospital radio service will go in future, we must first understand where they have come from.

Imaged used with permission from Whipps Cross Hospital Radio

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Interview with Ashuk Ahmed, Community Radio

The Diverse FM Studios- Original Community RA+Edio Image

Last month we spoke to Ashuk Ahmed of Diverse FM, a community station in Luton.

Over the years it has transformed into a fully-fledged community project, going far beyond its duties as a broadcaster.

Listen to Ashuk talking about the station’s ethos below.

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