Getting the Green Light- A Look at Getting a Community Radio Licence

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Ofcom has just announced that it is going to grant 4 new licences to stations in Devon and Cornwall. CHBN will cater for the Truro audience, Penwith Radio for the Penzance community, Redruth Radio for Redruth and the surrounding villages, and Totnes FM will service Totnes.  (For more information about these stations see the Ofcom news realease).

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News Roundup- 28th April


Community Radio News

Radio station in breach of its license

Rossendale Radio stopped broadcasting last month and now Ofcom has ruled that it failed to meet the requirements of its license.

The Ofcom bulletin said “Community radio licences are granted for a five-year period, and broadcasting a service, as well as providing other outputs such as opportunities for volunteers, is required throughout the period.” It was these requirements that the station was in breach of.

The station was also not financially viable- the statement on their website highlighted 18 months of financial difficulty.

At the moment there are plans to try and revive the station but they will have to wait until Spring 2013 to place a bid with Ofcom for a new license. Continue reading

Community Radio Fund: The North West comes out on top since 2005

The biggest struggle for any community radio station is finding and sustaining funding needed to operate.

One go-to source of funding is The Community Radio Fund. With the deadline for the first round of 2012/13 growing near, we thought we would have a detailed look at how it works, and where exactly that money has been going.

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Community Radio reaches more adults than ever before

1.3 million more people than last year can now enjoy the services of their local community radio station.

The latest Ofcom report on community radio shows that the stations are reaching more adults across the UK than ever before. It is estimated that 10.5 million adults are now able to receive the community radio station aimed at them. This is a 1.3 million increase on last year.

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News Roundup- 10th April


Community Radio News

Eleven brand new full-time community radio licenses have been awarded by Ofcom.

The new services, each with a five year license, are in south west England and Wales. Congratulations to all, we look forward to hearing them live soon!

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Community Radio in the Red

Community Radios are getting poorer as Ofcom report a 19% drop in their average incomes.

The latest statistics come from the broadcasting regulator’s latest annual report on the community radio sector.

Ofcom’s report for the previous year (2009/10) showed a 6% drop in average incomes, so these recent statistics show a significant drop in the financial health the of community radio sector. Continue reading