Guest Post: James Hoggarth

James Hoggarth
Image used with the permission of James Hoggarth

James Hoggarth presents on BBC Radio Humberside every weekday evening and not only that, he’s Head of Music there too. But to climb the professional radio ladder, James started out on Kingstown Radio which broadcasts across hospitals in Hull. So we asked James how hospital radio helped him get where is he today……

” When I joined Kingstown Radio in Hull in 1996 it was with the intention of using it as a stepping stone towards a professional career (ideally with the BBC). Continue reading

Why be a Volunteer Presenter on Community Radio?

What’s the point if nobody is listening?

It’s a concern many volunteers and potential volunteers have voiced to us.

It’s obvious community radio is never going to draw in numbers the likes of the BBC or national commercial stations, so we wanted to find out what it is volunteer presenters LOVE about their work. 

Mark Armitage of Phonic FM, with permission

Mark Armitage has presented a show entitled ‘Strangely Strange but Oddly Normal’ for the past four years. He told CommunityRaedio about his experiences… 

 “I’m not a musician but I’m an avid music fan”.

“When I was 12 I was subjected by my sister to the Beatles in the mid 60’s. I started listening to a wider range of stuff when my aunt gave me an LP of Blood Sweat and Tears when I was 15. “

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Making your radio life a little clearer….

There’s no hiding from it – becoming a radio presenter is scary. The first time you get behind the mic is probably not the most relaxing moment of your life. Not only is there getting your mind round all the technical business, but then there’s the talking bit! In my first ever link I think I repeated my name twice, said “erm” twenty times, and my voice sounded like I’d swallowed a golf ball. Continue reading