Exeter’s Phonic FM – Alternative Community Radio

Phonic FM describe themselves as “Exeter’s Sound Alternative”. They’re about getting as far away from a commercial radio sound as possible.

They’re fairly new at it too, starting full-time broadcasting in 2008, after originally supporting Exeter’s Vibraphonic Festival with short term licenses.

Phonic FM Chairman

David Traherne, Phonic FM Chairman, with permission.

With over 160 volunteers, Phonic Chairman David Treharne told CommunityRaedio what made them tick… 

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Hospital & Community Radio: Doing what the “big boys” can’t

Mandy Morrow
All images in this article used with permission of Mandy Morrow

Last week we featured an article about Lindsay Smith, a new unsigned artist whose music career was being helped by community radio. We decided to get the story from the other side of the mic, as we talked to Mandy Morrow about why she believes in playing under-the-radar music as a hospital radio presenter. Continue reading

Community Radio: A soundboard for new music

Lindsay Smith
Image used with permission from http://lindsaysmithmusic.tumblr.com/

Lindsay Smith is an unsigned solo artist from Derbyshire, and an English student from the University of Exeter. She told Community RA+Edio why community radio was such an important resource for music acts such as herself.

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