News Roundup- 28th April


Hospital Radio News

Birmingham Hospital Radio has its own diamond jubilee

It has been broadcasting across major hospitals in the city for 60 years now.

They are celebrating with an anniversary ball on May the 19th where past and present members and presenters will be gathering.

The station are also in the difficult process of moving studios- they are about to sign a lease to take over an old Operating Theatre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

To find out more about their 60th celebrations go to their website

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“We welcome it, but we are wary”- Swindon Viewpoint on Community TV

Last month we looked in detail at government plans to introduce local community television in the UK. Regardless of the obstacles in making this a reality, it undoubtedly has the potential to transform community media, and establish a powerful new platform for our local areas.

Martin Parry, with permission from Swindon Viewpoint

Surprisingly, Community TV is not a new idea. Swindon Viewpoint describe themselves as a “focal point for the visual life and times” of the Swindon area. Beginning in 1958, they have transformed into an online living, breathing and growing documentary about all aspects of their local history (and present!). It is an endlessly explorable vault of diverse, well-created programmes. Despite all this, Swindon is not on any list of potential locations in plans for rolling out new local stations. Dubbed “the original YouTube”, we spoke to Chairman Martin Parry about what community media like this can really achieve.

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Community Radio reaches more adults than ever before

1.3 million more people than last year can now enjoy the services of their local community radio station.

The latest Ofcom report on community radio shows that the stations are reaching more adults across the UK than ever before. It is estimated that 10.5 million adults are now able to receive the community radio station aimed at them. This is a 1.3 million increase on last year.

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Why be a Volunteer Presenter on Community Radio?

What’s the point if nobody is listening?

It’s a concern many volunteers and potential volunteers have voiced to us.

It’s obvious community radio is never going to draw in numbers the likes of the BBC or national commercial stations, so we wanted to find out what it is volunteer presenters LOVE about their work. 

Mark Armitage of Phonic FM, with permission

Mark Armitage has presented a show entitled ‘Strangely Strange but Oddly Normal’ for the past four years. He told CommunityRaedio about his experiences… 

 “I’m not a musician but I’m an avid music fan”.

“When I was 12 I was subjected by my sister to the Beatles in the mid 60’s. I started listening to a wider range of stuff when my aunt gave me an LP of Blood Sweat and Tears when I was 15. “

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Exeter’s Phonic FM – Alternative Community Radio

Phonic FM describe themselves as “Exeter’s Sound Alternative”. They’re about getting as far away from a commercial radio sound as possible.

They’re fairly new at it too, starting full-time broadcasting in 2008, after originally supporting Exeter’s Vibraphonic Festival with short term licenses.

Phonic FM Chairman

David Traherne, Phonic FM Chairman, with permission.

With over 160 volunteers, Phonic Chairman David Treharne told CommunityRaedio what made them tick… 

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News Roundup: 13th February


Hospital Radio News

Radio Enfield appeals for volunteers

Radio Enfield, the hospital radio station for Chase Farm, is seeking volunteers who could spend a couple of hours per week to speak to hospital patients and collect requests.

The station, which began in 1970, runs twenty four hours a day and is looking to fill its interactive request show, which is on air every evening.

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Interview with Ashuk Ahmed, Community Radio

The Diverse FM Studios- Original Community RA+Edio Image

Last month we spoke to Ashuk Ahmed of Diverse FM, a community station in Luton.

Over the years it has transformed into a fully-fledged community project, going far beyond its duties as a broadcaster.

Listen to Ashuk talking about the station’s ethos below.

Click here to for the original interview.

“Hospital radio makes you feel like you’re benefiting people”

Gemma Duignan, Hospital Radio Volunteer
All images used with permission of Gemma Duignan

Gemma Duignan has been a volunteer at Broadgreen Hospital Radio in Liverpool since June 2010. She fits in her volunteering around her busy final year at university and her part-time job. Gemma told me about her experience on hospital radio and her top tips on why people should get involved.

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